Getting My Berlin Station Seasons 1-3 dvd box set To Work

April 24, 2014 submitting ... Clive Bundy was "bushwacked" by a New York Times reporter as they established him up in an interview and took his remarks away from context calling him a racist ... what he was indicating And that i Obviously understand him in his speech (which they edited of course) was that blacks With this country have already been forced right into a even worse than slavery scenario by the federal authorities by not enough prospect along with the welfare system ... very simple ... but no one from the The big apple jewish controlled banking Group as well as their Big apple times pawn reporter have an interest in the truth ... These are only thinking about twisting the reality equally as they are doing with my science ... and every thing else they touch In this particular state ... do not forget the minor proven fact that it absolutely was the jewish owned and operated west indies corporation that introduced the slaves from africa (trapping them and transporting them like animals) slightly piece of heritage they forgot to say in your grade college record textbooks not forgetting the theft of the many gold from your "americas" that remains to be The premise with the world broad rothschild banking empire that runs our extremely possess PRIVATE bank federal reserve (yes it has very little to do with federal anything) .

December 04, 2012 posting ... my weekly radio present is currently posted within the archive subpage ... this 7 days i discuss NASA's David Morrison who has long been featured a short while ago while in the news stating that the 2012 stop from the world planet X folks are leading to youth to be suicidal (Morrison is the NASA scientist which i debated to the Coast to Coast AM radio program with host George Noory many a long time back And that i won the call in vote as I used to be defending the concepts of Venus being a substantial comet) ... now Dr Morrison is becoming showcased in what's Evidently a misinformation Canine and pony display ... i examine this complete Puppy and pony exhibit on my weekly radio clearly show ... this Pet dog and pony demonstrate i expected For some time ... Specifically the claims the propped up phony planet X december 21, 2012 BS characterize the issue of World X which it does NOT !!! AND the issue of suicidal persons inside the Earth X difficulty but this time the twist is usually to element suicidal youth and never the conventional nut situation survivalist cult impression .

JANUARY 31, 2014 ... my weekly radio show archive has become posted over the archive sub-web site ... my key science topic is SUPER NOVAS ... carrying on my topic of solar problems and what makes stars tick .

Oct 18, 2016 posting ... !!! obama not just signed a presidential buy calling for preparedness to get a photo voltaic flare or EMP but also now posted on that it's imminent ... when there isn't a scientific cause of stating this now ... the truth is the sun is at an all time minimal ... earth is going through a slight boost in solar wind pace but this is not what would result in An important power outage as i have shown in my get the job done it's the fast alter in photo voltaic wind not the strength from the photo voltaic wind that affects EMPs while in the earth and that is not taking place ... are they going to do a Untrue flag electricity outage to provide down the United states of america and terminate the "discussion" where hillary's overall health is so bad she simply cannot make it (they've got for every propped up for temporary interviews and no community appearances) And she or he will get pounded again through the Trump Phenomenon .

JANUARY 09, 2014 ... OVER REPORTING OF Existing SOLAR Circumstances ... There was Excessive more than reporting on The existing solar flare ailments world broad ... the flare was hardly an x flare (actually ought to have been categorized as a common M-course flare) ... It's not at all directed precisely at earth but might even overlook us ... and it absolutely was alone ... the Kp index (magnetic storm index) is average to somewhat beneath ordinary .

looks like a fresh dance ... if this were being the 60's Chubby Checkers or maybe the Shirelles could sing ... "Do the Wobble with Me"  I'm able to hear it now ... "Ya wobbles to your remaining ... Ya wobbles to the appropriate ... Ya wobbles to the middle and pays yo cabone tax awe night ... Do the NASA wobble wit meeeeeee YAH YAH YAH !!!" DISINFO All over again !! NASA states it is going to produce a gentle beam and mail an area ship to the closest star .

the next movie is REAL concerning the US military services and "chem trails" ... anything I've talked about extensively about my radio career ... i urge you to hear your complete 21 moment online video and also pay attention to the element with regards to the paid federal government disinformation shills whose "occupation" it is actually to make misinformation .

July 25, 2014 submitting ... my weekly radio demonstrate is now posted on the archive sub-site ... be a part of me as i examine the large surface gap a short while ago discovered in siberia russia ... how did this take place and what are the "typical" explanations coming out of preposterous science pawned off on the general public ... i talk about the modern air "crashes" more than russia etc ... I've a modern parity on Noah which can be a listener contribution and an excellent Evaluation following up on my new present addressing a modern Noah ... i respond to some listener mail and go on my ongoing commentary regarding a science mission to your comet (the Rosetta mission) .

April 11, 2014 submitting ... my weekly business cost-free radio clearly show is now posted about the archive sub-website page ... sign up for me as i discuss a fresh "alternate Electrical power" creation That may be a extended listing of tasks that will not get the job try this website done and just like quite a few Some others is funded and provided interest mainly because it will satisfy the tree huggers Wrong belief that progress is staying made .

Observe ... the biggest and best Geared up land army during the world would be the Civilian armed citizens of America of The united states ... any standard knows that It doesn't matter how lots of massive pieces of military services machines you subject, a war constantly winds up among gentleman to gentleman on the bottom ... few that Together with the historically regarded indisputable fact that a person OR Female defending their family members is 100 times far more effective than the usual mercenary with the most beneficial machines ... why do you think the jesuit rothschild banking new world order morons are desperately hoping each trick within the e-book to disarm the United states of america ??? the stand off with the Bundy Ranch is a stark awaken call for the world leaders that US citizens are prepared to die for freedom and therefore are past fed up Together with look at more info the lies deception manipulation phony news coverage and all around bullshit coming from washington DC together with other components of the "governing administration" ... If your gov were being to drift 1,000,000 person Military complete with tanks blackhawk helicopters and bio warfare .

December 26, 2013 ... my weekly radio display is currently posted within the archive sub-page ... As a result of EVERYONE for producing this a successful calendar year ... including the people paid to attack my good name ... recall i see this as an academic Instrument ... first it delivers many new people to my Website AND when those individuals are right here they could see what i am definitely declaring and soon forget the baloney web sites that introduced them here .

December 14, 2012 posting ... my weekly radio clearly show archive has become posted over the archive sub-page - when you skipped the Are living broadcast sign up for me on the archive as i explore the importance of meteor streams as we are going to see two such streams of "taking pictures stars" this 7 days from our vantage stage on planet earth ... understand the true will cause of those objects And the way Again common science with its fairy tale theories misguides the public and avoids the truth of comets as well as their accurate character .

August 30, 2012 posting ... my weekly radio demonstrate archive is currently accessible to the radio archive sub-site ... the principle science matter deals Together with the environment and ocean (or deficiency thereof) on the planet mars ... exactly where did they go ... but most importantly will it get back it ... and it is it performing that right this moment ??? hear and find out ... also i discuss the now tropical storm isaac and The bizarre situation of that storm hitting new orleans particularly seven years (a pleasant prime amount) into the date after the manipulated storm katrina .

October 25, 2012 submitting ... my weekly radio display archive is currently posted within the archive sub-web page ... hear as i discuss many challenges which include some information in the 1850s about the official lookup by Experienced astronomers for "Planet X" ... yes that is not a typo ... 1850s ... astronomers were way back again then trying to find it ... then i rapidly forward and Review that towards the Dr. Robert Harrington review at the Naval Observatory within the early nineteen eighties less than NASA deal to look for check these guys out Earth X ... then i quickly ahead yet again to the most up-to-date pictures from your Keck Telescope of outer planets .

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